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Working to bring convertible notes to retail investor in smaller


units, thus bringing weekly cash flows to companies from each


sale, while diversifying their debt into hands that may take a longer-


term outlook, and giving the opportunity to own convertible notes to


individuals. This will be given a vast array of exposure constantly


from Internet interviews, Press Releases and email blasts to twice


verified OTC Investors.

This will become a future listing or posting board, where notes


purchased can be listed to be re-sold normally at a negotiated


premium,basically a secondary market for units of notes bought


at This platform will provide liquidity as


an additional feature.  Transactions will work very much like the


negotiated OTC markets did in earlier days.


Launch date is scheduled for January 2021 (Approximately 45 - 60 days out)


However, with the platform in place the date can be moved up to meet demand.

Funds are sourced from a database of 60-plus more conventional


lenders, that have a proven track record of lending to small


Microcap cap companies.


It depends on application completion, use of funds, market


capitalization & etc. with the legwork and phone work by can bring about a quick processing and


funding with a high degree of success.


Normal time of funding from start to finish 2 - 5 business days.

Should a company need a larger & quicker cash infusion, the


company’s application will be showcased directly to


commercial lending firms, has direct contact


numbers for the owners and decision makers at most of the


commercial note firms, also the company has had experience in


re-negotiating and restructuring of existing notes.


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